Save The Environment, Use Washable Masks

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Orders placed on this site ship from California, US and Daventry, UK. 

If you're from Australia, please shop from Topside Wear AU.

Why Topside Wear Masks?

Multi-Layer Protection

Our masks are produced in accordance with the instructions recommended by the Thai Department of Medical Sciences which is to use the 3-layer sewing method which has been proven to be the most effective method in filtering our small particles and droplets. 

It is imperative that your masks have multiple layers.

Why? Here's how it works:

The outer layer protects you from outside particles and droplets. The inner layer prevents yours from getting out. The middle layer acts as a filter.

Our XS, S/M, and L size masks also come with a slot for a PM2.5 insert. Although inserts aren't included with your order currently, we may be selling packs of them later on.

High-End Fabrics With Unique Patterns

We use high-end fabrics of different kinds from 100% premium cotton to Japanese cotton, Japanese linen, denim, and nano-cotton (coming soon). 

We make sure that the outer layer looks nice and stylish while the inner layer provides comfort and softness for your facial skin.

Because these are handmade, we only have a small quantity available per style. We handpick these fabrics ourselves. You can be sure that you won't find our cloth masks with the same patterns anywhere else (for the ones with patterns).

Eco-Friendly | Washable | Reusable

We care about the environment. Even though one-time-use surgical masks provide protection, they also create a lot of waste in this world.

Our cloth masks are washable and reusable. We recommend you wash them once a week when you do your laundry.